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Red Hot Mamma's SPICY Bloody Mary Mix


Spice Level: 7/10

It doesn't get any better than THIS right here--spicy, sweet, salty...and, what do you know...a full serving of vegetables as you pour yourself a cocktail?!  We here at Gilberto's believe in play as much as we believe in work--and, after the day you had, we think you'd like a Bloody Mary using one of our delicious mixes.  If you've tried our Habanero Garlic Hot Sauce, you'll understand the kind of heat that this mix brings, being that we use a gallon of the hot sauce in each hand-crafted batch.  Inlaws coming to to town?  Grab a few bottles, and make everyone just a little more fun.  But don't forget the vodka--otherwise, it's just a delicious mixer.

**We recommend using CoVodkaCo for your Bloody Marys.  It's locally-distilled and a really, really cool company.  Oh, and it's the BEST vodka you will find at a more than reasonable price!**